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100% Natural Foods.
Only The Best For Your Pets!

Welcome To Nurture Them Naturally

We are a unique business in many ways, we believe in small batch manufacturing to keep all products as fresh as possible.

We manufacture our own raw food, this ranges from complete minces with and without vegetables, plain minces, boneless minces, chunks. Bones and offal’s, this is all hand made using only the best human grade meat in our own Defra approved factory.

We have our own thriving shop in Gosport, Hampshire, open 6 days a week where are there to offer any advice on feeding and raw feeding, we also supply a huge range of air dried natural treats plus our own range of herbal products. This includes homeopathic products and natural shampoos and conditioners 

All our working dog foods are suitable for any active dog from fields to training and will provide proper protein that is fully digestible for energy and strength as it provides the correct essential proteins and fatty acids.

We started within the industry from issues with our own dogs Baxter and Harley and it has grown from there. We then introduce another dog to our family called Beau who now also reaps the benefits from an all-natural upbringing.

Just like many raw feeding companies we started as dog owners who were looking for products to help with our dog’s conditions. We opened a shop and tried to supply products that were not readily available in the market or new to the market, this was when the word  “Natural “ was not used a lot.  After running the shop and watching the market start to abuse the word “Natural” we decided to manufacture our own raw food as once again we could not find anything on the market right for our own dogs. After many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years  the factory was launched and we started our own range of raw food and then expanded into  herbal products with an experienced herbalist.

We are extremely proud to be able to say we can relate on every level from customer, shop owner and manufacturer. Every single member of our fantastic team works so unbelievable hard to provide a great product and great service.

It is amazing what you can create if you believe in yourself and the team around you, even through the ups and downs, what we have overcome in building our brand is something to be truly proud of.

The Factory

Elliot is our inspiring and extremely hard working Factory manager, he over sees the factory, production, timescales and trade orders, he manages a team of 6

The food is processed and minced by our Tom and James and tubbed under their watchful inspection. Elliot, Tom and James are the three key people to thank for such a great high quality product.

Their dedication and love for their job is shown daily in the products they produce

The Shop

Clare is our shop manager she runs the shop with brilliant organisation and dedication. Always happy to help with any problem. Clare is extremely knowledgeable in raw feeding as she has overcome issue with her own working dog Zuma. Katlin and Denise run the afternoon shifts both again are extremely knowledgeable and all raw feed their own dogs.

Denise, Tony and Kelly The owners, Kelly is a qualified canine, feline and human Nutritionist and holistic wellbeing consultant. Kelly deals with all of the feeding advice, the trade orders and the running of the business plus managing all staff. Denise is regularly in the shop and tony is between the two places.

The accounts manager is Yazmin, she is Kelly’s sister in law, Yazmin runs the accounts department with brilliant organisation, the shipping department and all the other parts of the business ( Everything ) our trade department will have more contact with Yazmin.

This is just a small snippet from our team but everyone who works at nurture them naturally loves the fact that they get to see a brilliant product being produced and they get to see all the positive  effects to so many animals around the country.  

About us

Over the years we have grown from a small pet shop to the ever growing family business we are today. Not just a raw food retailer….. We create our own special range of raw food We create our own special range of 100% chemical free products Advocate for 100% pure essential living oils Huge natural selection of dehydrated treats and chews Consult on nutrition and natural living
  • Address Unit 2 Dartmouth Court, Gosport, Hampshire, Po124BQ
  • Phone 02392 177271
  • Open Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm , Saturday 9am - 3pm